Get your credit card fees covered through our Cash Discount Program!

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Cash Discount Program includes:

  • No Annual Fees
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Security Fees
  • No Minimum Fees
  • NO HIDDEN FEES of any kind!

Our new Cash Discount Program gives you all the tools you need to cover your payment processing fees!

  • 100% Compliant in Canada!
  • Our new Cash Discount Program offers small and medium sized business owners a way to eliminate the costs associated with accepting credit card payments while offering a discount to Cash, Debit (Interac) and Cheque payments.*
  • By integrating the inventory app (POS Software) and the Cash Discount App, the system will offer new pricing to your customers, while creating a Cash Discount for any sales done via Cash, Debit (Interac) or Cheque. This new pricing offsets the credit card charges, leaving you with a net balance of No Processing Fees – all managed by our software solutions.
  • Our Cash Discount App includes easy to print and use signage for the front of store as well as help create new pricing labels.
  • It also has an integrated Customer Rewards Program including SMS and Email features.
    Need to invoice customers? E-invoicing is also included directly from the app.
  • Manage your sales from the online dashboard, giving you access to your sales reports from any connected device.
  • We also include a Free Virtual Terminal!
  • The only cost is $65/month*, which includes the terminal and the software rental.

*The $65/month fee includes an Android payment terminal, one licence of POS software and the monthly fee for the Cash Discount app. Additional terminals are available at $39.95/month per terminal (includes the Android terminal and a POS software licence). Additional types of terminals and cash drawer, bar code scanner, and swivel stands available. A one time signup fee of $99 is due after you are approved. All prices are in CDN dollars.

POS Software

Cash Discount Software

Android Terminal

(Wifi, 3G)

24/7 Merchant Support

  • Add On Any Other Services You Want
  • Online Store
  • Gift Cards
  • Customer Experience Surveys
  • Loyalty Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cash Discount Program initiates a system where you can advertise a new Regular price that increases your existing prices by 4%. It automatically gives your customers a discount for paying with Cash, Cheque or Debit card. The included software is a POS system and Cash Discount App that runs this system seamlessly with your payment terminal (included). This 4% increases offsets the charge for processing, leaving you with NO Pay Processing (not including the terminal rental fee and the software fee = $65/month*).

This program is new to Canada and helps small and medium sized businesses offset the interchange rates that are charged by major card brands, including the high cost of fees to accept Points/Rewards cards that normally pass their costs on to you, the Merchant. It is 100% compliant with the Card Brand and Processor rules.

The Cash Discount Program was designed to be easy to use, easy to implement and give you the latest in payment technology. It was also designed to save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars each month in processing charges.

At NoPay.ca we do not charge anything for Transaction fees, Statement Fees, Network Fees, PCI Fees, Admin Fees – or any other fees. We provide technology solutions that integrate with a payment terminal that helps offset any Interchange fees, giving you a bottom line that eliminates the credit card fees that now take away from your bottom line. For more information, see the question above, “What is a Cash Discount Program?”.

Yes, you will still receive a statement of account and yes, you will still be billed. However, the charges you receive are offset by the price increase done by the software. You will NOT be billed for anything except the interchange rates (offset by the price increase) and the rental of the software and hardware ($65/month*). You will NOT be billed any additional fees or transaction rates.

This program is 100% compliant with Card Brand Rules and the Rules of the Processor. For more information, feel free to reach out to us at info@nopay.ca.

The software and the hardware (Clover, Register Lite and Cash Discount App) do most of the work for you. However, if you have prices displayed in your retail location, to be 100% compliant, you need to change the pricing labels. The software included (Cash Discount App) has a feature that will create the labels for you displaying the new Regular price as well as the discounted price for paying Cash.

Every agreement is a contract. However, we do not charge any cancellation fees if you decide to leave us for any reason, and you are under no obligation. We also will switch you back to a regular processing account at no charge if you decide the Cash Discount program is not for you.

Yes, if you decide that the Cash Discount program is not the right solution for you, we will switch you back to a regular processing account. We will provide you with a quote on your regular processing account to show the savings we can offer vs your existing provider.

In addition to integrating with the POS software (Register Lite), it also provides: Rewards Program 200SMS, Product Labeling Module, Invoicing customers (via email), Multi-location support.

There are a number of business types that work well with Cash Discounting. These include: Jewelry Stores, Liquor Stores, Lawyers, Restaurants, Vapor Shops, Flower Shops, Cafés, Locksmith, Wholesalers, Delivery Services, Boutiques, Dr. Offices, Dentist, X-ray, Postal Shops, Gift Shops, Tours, Clothing Stores, Nail Salons, Spas, Gas Stations, Beauty Salons, Night Clubs, Grocery Stores, Cosmetics Kiosk, Plumbing Services, Smoke Shops, Equipment Rentals, Ice Cream, Super Market, Pet Grooming Services, Furniture Stores, Car Wash, Animal Hospital, Fireworks, Short Term Rentals, Tattoo Shops, Food Trucks, Limo Services, Taxi’s, Perfume Stores, Charities, Towing Companies, Cleaning Services, Fast Clinics, Tire , Carpet Cleaning, Auto Oil Change, Gyms and a variety of other types of businesses. However, some businesses have found the program doesn’t work well either because of the type of service they provide, or because of the high cost of switching out all their marked prices in the store. If you have questions about your specific business type, please reach out to us at info@nopay.ca.

We are happy to provide you with a quote on your credit card processing immediately from day one, whether you decide to implement the Cash Discount program or not. We are committed to helping small and medium sized business save money on processing fees, whether that is providing them with low cost solutions or Free processing with Cash Discounting. You can click here to upload a copy of your existing processing statement and we will give you a FREE side by side quote to see what your savings would be.

In most cases, an integrated Point of Sale software will not work with our Cash Discounting program. However, you are welcome to contact us to let us know what software you are using and whether it can be replaced with ours. Our Cash Discount Program includes a Point of Sale software that does integrate. Feel free to email us at info@nopay.ca.

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